How do you upgrade a PvE or PvP carry?

  1. Find out how much you paid for the carry.
  2. Find out what the upgrade you want is.
  3. Calculate the difference of the amount and send it to via paypal leaving your battletag in the notes.
  4. You are all set on your upgrade and will be contacted shortly!

Look down below for more details

For example: If you already paid $100 for 2k and want 2200 which is $200 you don’t have to pay the full price. You just pay $100 since it is an upgrade. Where do I pay this? Excellent question!

So are you trying to upgrade your heroic run to a mythic? Maybe trying to upgrade a pvp boost of 2k to 2200 and can’t figure out how? There is no need to look any further since the solution is very very simple! You just calculate the amount that you paid and the cost of the desired rating/carry.

The carrier/ booster will contact you about and you will be all set after that! Once they notify you it is all said they will carry or boost you to the correct upgraded package! It is that simple no taxes or extra costs, just the flat rate aka the difference of the amount and you are good to go right away!