So I’ll give you the short answer and the long one.

Short: challenger and responsible.
Long: …

So about 12 times a day we get someone in our website asking if they can become an Elo Booster in the most incredible fashion you can imagine, and about 1 every month that does it properly.

The most incredible way in which every single one of those 12 people ask to become an elo booster is either an email or an open chat into our website that says the following “bro, you hirin’?”… As you might imagine such professionalism will definitely get them very far in life.

Most of them believe that upon reaching Diamond 5 for the first time ever they will suddenly become experts in League of Legends and be able to take someone else’s account and boost their elo all the way up to the top.

Let me tell you that in our application process, being a challenger for multiple seasons is something that we take for granted, that’s only a starting point for becoming a successful Elo booster, and believe me that the good ones are making a killing in it, earning what an engineer working 8 hours wouldn’t earn in a week, and they make it in a day.

The reason why we take only challenger tier players that have been in challenger status for multiple seasons and multiple accounts is because we need to make sure that the games will be won, the efficiency that they will produce is much higher than someone else who doesn’t have the experience and the skillset. (I’ll make another blog post explaining how to get to challenger tier or Diamond 1 yourself).

So the experience and abilities are there, that’s a good start, yes start. After that we need to make sure that you are also: good with customers because you will be talking directly with each customer that you are put in charge of, and that your communication skills are the best they can be, and we also need to make sure that you are very responsible and want to become a part of our team, and what we mean by that is that we need to make sure that this is far more than just a “thing you do in your free time”, you need to understand that the customers paid money to get their service done, and you are the one in charge of making that happen.

You must be responsible and not just go missing in action for several days with no means of contacting you to ask you what’s going on with the boost you were assigned. And we also need to make sure that you won’t just rage in chat and get the buyer’s account banned.

Those are just some of the things we take into consideration when we start the hiring process of an ELO booster, and believe me that there are more and even more technical ones.

There is an important psychological aspect to Elo boosting at Elitist Gaming. We don’t just take skilled players. You will be handling account access information of our clients, thus the standard is very high. We have refused boosters of high skill that we did not believe were capable of providing our customers with the 10/10 experience they demand so knowing how to deal with people in a calm and professional way and catering to their whims (sudden desire to pause the order for 5 days for example) is an essential part of boosting at Elitist Gaming.

Hope this helps and clears some doubts that I know you guys had and kept asking me.