League of Legends is a very technical game. There’s a lot to know to ensure that you win the majority of your games, and a lot can go wrong. This is why elo boosting service exists. Being teamed up with someone who you think just isn’t supposed to be in the same league as you are annoying and it takes away from the fun.


In this article, we’ll get into the nitty-gritty details of elo boosting so that you can get the most out of it if you decide to hire a booster.



Elo or MMR (Matchmaking rating) is the indicator of a player’s skill level. It determines who you will be teamed up with and who you will be matched against. In elo boosting, you give a booster an access to your account and they will play the game in your name. This way, you win more games more consistently, climbing up the rank ladders much faster than if you were to grind on your own.


Sometimes you can get stuck in a division because you are constantly paired with bad players, so you just need an extra push to get to the next level. This is what elo boost does. However, LoL doesn’t allow an account to be logged on at the same time from two separate computers, so you must not log on during the specified time that the booster is on your account.



Reputable boosters will not give away your account information or try to hack it, so you need to make sure that you work with a genuine booster. LoL launched in 2009, and some people might have put thousands of hours and countless dollars into their account already. If anything were to happen to an account like that, it’s not going to be a good scene. Do your research before making a decision. You need to know who is on your account at all times. Not only that this will protect you from information theft, but also ensure that you are actually getting the boosting that you pay for.


In addition to this, good boosters will use various unique IP addresses. It’s unsafe to put all of their hard work into one IP and risk getting that one banned and lose all of it. It’s highly improbable that your account will get banned or stolen with these security measures in place. You can rest assured on that.



The price of boosting can vary greatly. There are many different factors to how much you will have to pay for your booster’s service. For example, the target division, time frame and the skill level and reputation of the boosters all play a part in determining the price. It’s not hard to understand why this is. There are astronomically higher people in Bronze than in Challenger, meaning that the higher you climb, the more skilled your booster will have to be at the game. You can’t just pick anybody to play the game for you. They need to know the game very well and know what to do to win as many games as quickly and effectively as possible.



Talk to a booster online and see how much they quote and how fast they promise to reach that ranking. You want the most enjoyable experience out of your LoL games, so invest a little bit to get to the rank you want to play at today!