5 things to do whilst getting your ELO boosted

This might not come as a surprise to most people, but when you get your ELO boosted you have some spare time. But what can you do during this time? We’re going to look at 5 great tips that you can do in this time. This will help you climb the rankings once you’re in the division that you deserve.

1. Let The Booster Rank You

Whilst our service will get you where you want, we can help you stay there. It’s important to note that you cannot use your account whilst we are boosting.

The reason is that you might change your division and league and end up lower or higher than you first started when you purchased the ELO boost. (most common is dropping) and when this happens you will be just boosted to the amount of wins that it might have taken the booster to finish you order.

And the reason is very simple, Elo boosting works by time, the time of a player boosting your account. We can’t just squeeze some extra games in the time frame that our booster plays.

For what to do while you’re being boosted, this might sound redundant but I assure you that a lot of people don’t do this, but you MUST NOT PLAY while the booster is in your account, the reason is that you will simply disconnect him and then he will lose that game, and as we said before, boosting works by time and by amount of wins, if you take time and wins from the ELO booster then we will find ourselves in a position in which we will have to discount those wins from the total that we had to give you in the first place.

So PLEASE do not log into your account until your boost is done, and for the love of everything that is holy, do NOT PLAY while the booster is not playing your account and he’s not done yet.

If you lose in that rating then again, we will discount those possible wins from the division and leagues that you asked us to boost you.

2. Get Coaching

Once you have signed up for a boost, this will normally be ranked within hours, or for larger increases it may take a couple days. However, what can you do to prepare for when the ELO boost is completed? We recommend that you look into coaching with our experts. These professionals can teach you some of the subtleties in the game, how you can improve and create an action plan for you to

3. Watch the LCS & LCK

Yup, that’s right. During your time off from league of legends you can watch Videos on Demand. Both the LCS and LCK have professional players with great talent. It’s important to look at how their teams work. They use very specific champion picks, item builds and strategies. Whilst some of these tactics don’t work very well in solo queue, some of them do. You’ll often hear a caster report back when somebody is practicing a champion in solo queue. So rather than sit there for hours watching all the professionals match history – enjoy some LoL. This will help you understand quickly which champions are meta, what objectives are most important and where supports are warding.

Whilst the LCS is definitely great showmanship, the LCK has the best players in the world. You should consider watching SKT Telecom play in Korea. They’re the world’s strongest team at the time of writing. However, even the smaller teams can sometimes take games or have successful early starts. Watching their jungle pathing and trades can be a great way to improve your understanding of the professionals.

4. Research Items, Runes & Masteries

You should come to understand the items in the game more in-depth. Why not try to use the League of Legends Wikia to find statistics and gold efficient items. Look at your favorite champion and understand how Riot balances them. For example, is your champion gated by mana? Energy? Cooldowns? If you’re a champion such as Riven, you want to look for items that include Cooldown Reduction as it gates your abilities. She’s also melee, so Riot balances her around needing to use melee attacks. A Black Cleaver is currently one of the core items on Riven. She gets the cooldown reduction she needs, as well as movement bonuses and more. The item is 100% gold efficient without the passives, making it a good choice in every situation. This is just one example of how understanding items can help. We suggest you look into custom item builds.

Another tip is to look at your runes and masteries. A great place to start is by using Champion.gg. This will let you see the most popular and successful runes and masteries for each champ. They also allow you to view item builds, alongside winrate. The tool can be filtered down by division in the top right corner, so you can look at how people play differently in your future ELO.


5. Relax

And last but not least, after the boost is done, just practice and feel comfortable in the new ELO. Get a feel for how players grind the game in your new division before you go all out and end up tilting. Psychology is a large part of being able to rank well in League of Legends. It’s important to remember that the game is about having fun. If you get upset by users then it’s going to affect how you play. Some of the best moments in league come from pure concentration. Have you ever had the other player smashing on your mid lane and taunt you all game? Rather than lose concentration trying to argue, just focus on killing them. Then after you’re sure you can carry the game, kill them and drop a casual :)?

These are five great tips you can do whilst you get your ELO boosted, but let us know if you have more. We are happy to hear from you and add to this list.