World Quests Boost

World Quests can be quite tedious but they are VERY important in Legion. It is a new feature that was added to the game this expansion and it is one of the most important parts of gameplay in it. World Quests give you loot such as gear, profession quests, order hall resources, reputation, and many more items. The amount and the quality of loot that you get is scaled up according to your item level. So if you are 800 ilvl you can expect to get 810-820 ilvl items doing the world quests. This means even for mythic raiders they are extremely important and should not be ignored.

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1 Day

  • 1 Day Maintenance
  • All Loot
  • Full¬†Autopilot

3 Days

  • 3 Day Maintenance
  • All Loot
  • Full Autopilot

1 Week

  • 1 Week¬†Maintenance
  • All Loot
  • Full Autopilot

2 Weeks

  • 2 Weeks Maintenance
  • All Loot
  • Full Autopilot

1 Month

  • 1 Month Maintenance
  • All Loot
  • Full Autopilot

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World Quests Carry:

They will always be relevant but everyone doesn’t always have time to play WoW. Life happens and you cannot login sometimes. Our groups have come together and decided that they can do the world quests for you! this is perfect if you go away for a period of time and want to be caught up on WoW still. They will login and play your account for you when you cannot. You can get weekly or daily reports and be in contact with your carrier at all times via Skype or!

You have 3 options to tell your pilot if you did NOT get the All Zones addition. Do 1 zone, do the emissary quests, or do the specific world quests.

world questing carries
hardest world quest needs a boost
  • You can see the world quests remotely using the Legion companion App and tell your booster which zone you want done.
  • The Pilot will loot all mobs he kills and sell all gray items if the bags get full. He will log out in Dalaran using the Hearthstone every single day until the maintenance period is over.
  • If you forget to communicate with your Pilot a day or two they will judge which zone is best for you to complete, and may go out to multiple zones to get what is best.
  • You will get a daily report as to the actions taken on the account. Such as if any rare items dropped, if he had to sell any gray items or place any items inside of the bank etc.
  • All of our Pilot’s are world class raiders and are handpicked by us to do this. Account security is our number one priority so you do not have to worry about anything being stolen. one entirely you can select the option to do the Emissary or specific World Quests on the map.
  • If you won’t be able to talk to the booster for a long period of time, just leave the list of quests, or zones that you would like them to prioritize.
  • REMEMBER you can see the world quests using the Legion companion app at all times!