Power leveling in WoW can have many benefits. One of these many benefits and the most important one is making sure that your character get to max level as quick as possible! You want to get max level asap so you get to play that class and raid and pvp with the class with your family, friends and guild.

If you are trying to raid with that new class and character as soon as possible the way to go would be power leveling. Making a brand new character from level one and trying to get it to 100 can take days and sometimes even weeks if you don’t have the right amount of time played or short on time.

The level 90 boost by Blizzard does help but you can miss out on a whole lot of gold and a whole lot of achievements on those characters if you do take the 90 boost. On top of that you still have to level it yourself from 90 to 100 which at times can be a pain.

You don’t have to move a single finger at all when you get one of our power leveling boosts. Sometimes you pick up extra special transmog and rare items along the way! Get you power leveling in WoW right now!

Power Level your Professions

This no longer needs to be a hassle for you since we here at Elitist Gaming have trained professionals that are uncovering new techniques and figuring out new routed to get characters to max level as fast as possible.

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