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Lord of the Reins the most prestigious mount title in the Wold of Warcraft awaits you!

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glory of the legion raider mount

Achievement Mounts:

One of the most common way to buy wow mounts are achievement mounts! These are earned through.. you guess it.. achievements! Now some old school achievements are easy to get but the newer ones require a dedicated group and for those of you wanting to get the Lord of the Reins title and mount everything counts.

From the nightmare moose to other meta achievements that require you to have a full on raid group to get them. We’ll be able to help you out in anything.

TCG Mounts:

The WoW trading card game has one of the most popular sources to get mounts from in the recent years. TCG exploded into the WoW scene with the Riding Turtle and Swift Spectral Tiger back in the Burning Crusade expansion.

Where to buy wow mounts became a thing and the Booty Bay Vendor was where you’d go out and put you code for the TCG.

We have every single TCG mount in stock for you on any server and any region. From the Swift Spectral Tiger to the Ghastly Chargers Skull we have you covered on any TCG mount needs.

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wow legion pvp gladiator mount

PvP Mounts:

PvP mounts like the gladiator mounts and RBG mounts have always been some of the hardest mounts to obtain in terms of skill.

They are only awarded to the top 0.5% of the playerbase.

In other words the best players in the world. In order to buy wow mounts in PvP it can require us having to play your character for Gladiator mounts.

Other things like RBGS are self play and those also yield mounts. You get tokens at every 30-40 rbg from which you can turn in to mounts.

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Safety and Security:

Your account is our number one priority here. Every single delivery method that we have for our mounts is 100% safe and secure, we guarantee that! Look no further in where to buy wow mounts we have you covered from now on.

For any PVE mount like achievement mounts or raid drop mounts we’ll let you play your own character and let you experience it all unlike other sites that make you give up your account increasing its chances of being compromised.

We would never put your account in jeopardy like that here. For TCG mounts we will mail them or directly deposit the items to your WoW guild bank or trade them to you. From raid mounts to TCG mounts to PvP mount we value your time and business here and will make it the best possible experience for you. We guarantee it.

Becoming a Mount Collector:
It takes dedication, and patience in order to get all the mounts you want. It won’t happen in a week of even a month, you have to be dedicated to collecting these mounts.

Here at Elitist Gaming we can provide you some help getting where you want to be at. All of our TCG mount delivery times are within 24 hours. If you want to buy a wow mount this is the best place to be in.

Stop asking your self where can I buy wow mounts? Right here is where! We have US top 10 guilds able to carry you through any raid in order for you to get that rare and exclusive raid drop mount you’ve been wanting.

What are the best wow mounts to buy? It all depends on what you are looking for and what’s missing from your collection.

riding turtle ground
glory of the legion raider mount

Profession Mounts:

Profession mounts are created by players with high skill in a certain skill level for a profession. A profession is a trade based skillset that player’s characters learn and advanced that gives them the ability to make and upgrade items that are used in World of Warcraft. These professions include the following primary professions: Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking, and Tailoring. There are also several secondary professions. Mounts crated by profession are not usually available to other players except the one who created it, but the ones that are we have available here at Elitist Gaming for quite an affordable price.

infernal mount from guldan mythic

Raid drop mounts:

Raid drop mounts are farmed by our skilled boosters. We get the mount from Mythic Return to Karazhan. Your account does not need to be provided. However, your character must have level 110 and have finished the quest line for the dungeon so you can enter Return to Karazhan.

Recruit a Friend mounts:

These mounts are rewarded from recruit a friend. You must login to the game and open your friends list and click the recruit a friend icon. You will be provided an email by our team that you will enter here. We will then accept the invitation and notify you when it is time to receive your reward. It will be sent immediately from our end and it will arrived to you 7 days after we notify you. Please understand there are eight reward selection you will need to choose the correct reward. If your bag has no vacancy, please pay attention to your mailbox as the reward will be sent there. You will also receive 30 days of in game time!

glory of the legion raider mount

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